How long does it take to recover from arthroscopy surgery?

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1 Answer

Depends on your surgery, the most common knee surgery for younger males(myself included) is ACL reconstruction and its what I have had done twice. Timeframe for recovery - Walking weeks 1-2 Here is a video of me walking day 4/5 post op http://www.aclsurgeryrecovery.net/12/wal… In general the crutches can be put away after week two if there isn't much other damage in the knee that had to be repaired. Faster Way to Recover... Do your exercises diligently and don't stop your physio until you are back to 99%. There is no magic bullet but a few exercises can really help increase range of motion and get you back walking and into other phases of rehab quickly. Here are the ones I have found most effective... http://www.aclsurgeryrecovery.net/23/top… more
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