How long does it take to recover from pituitary surgery?

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1 Answer

Recovery from pituitary surgery is a long battle. It varies from patient to patient and is directly related to the length of time you’ve had Cushing’s because of the damage that high cortisol does to the body’s systems. It can take 12-18 months before the patient returns to “normal” and that is only if further pituitary surgeries and procedures are not needed. Once the tumor is removed from the pituitary, the body switches from producing too much cortisol to not producing enough. Cortisol supplements are taken to replace the off-kilter cortisol production. This must be taken not only on a daily and timed basis but also in certain situations: sickness and stress (good or bad). Cortisol supplements are taken after surgery to replicate the patient’s normal hormonal production. Each week, the patient reduces the amount of cortisol replacements. more
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