How long does it take to ship Royal Mail Airmail (Small Packets) from UK to Canada?

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1 Answer

When an Airmail item enters the Royal Mail network, it takes one to two days to get from wherever it was posted from to an airport. There it gets loaded onto a British Airways passenger flight (usually) that is heading to the relevant country. When it gets there, it is handed straight to that country's postal service. It should take them a further one to two days to deliver it. In short, it should take 5 days to get to a North American destination from the point it enters the UK network. Now I've only been to Canada once, and I didn't use the Postal Service there (unsurprisingly, as I was just a tourist). You'll probably be better informed on your local postal service's efficiency. Do you think they can meet their two day requirement? Also, do they operate on a Saturday? Royal Mail does, but only a half service on Saturday, and only behind-the-scenes network operations on a Sunday. That is why you should write off Sundays (and possibly Saturdays depending on Canada Post) from your ... more
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