How long does it take to train a dog for personal protection?

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This depends on the level of protection desired and on the dedication and willingness of the owners to work with their dogs. We prefer to address this question on a case-by-case basis. It also depends on whether you are training a dog you already own or if you wish to purchase a dog from us that has foundational training. • How much does it cost to protection-train a dog? Usually, protection training starts at $150 per session and can go up from there depending upon the level of training and how much support a clients needs. Some clients like to train right at their homes. Travel costs are additional. • Will my dog listen to me? You must always have control over your dog. Any dog with teeth has the potential to bite. Protection dogs are taught when they may open their mouths and when they may not. If you do not pass our rigorous process to be accepted for training, none of this will be an issue. We work with dogs that are stable and have good nerve strength. The training for handler ... more
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