How long does it take walmart to get back to you after a drug test?

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Your experience at the interview was typical of how Wal-Mart management works. There is no communication, it is no wonder those who were supposed to do the interviews had no idea that you were all coming in. They will respond to you when they get around to it. It does not mean that your drug test was bad, it simply means that they do not need you badly, yet. But when they do need you they will expect you to come running with a few hours notice and jump through hoops for them. If you have other options for employment get out there and keep interviewing with other companies. If you really want or need this job give them a call and ask what's up, it will remind someone that you are still waiting. A few years back I applied at Wal-Mart, was told that I had the job and sent for the drug test it was weeks before they called me to come in for orientation. Their loss, I had a much better job by then. more
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I'm actually management in Wal-Mart and know that it could take up to a couple of weeks for the drug test and background check to come in. It's always a good idea to call back and check up on the status of your interview. It will show them that you're really interested in the job and will help you to stand out above the others. As far as the mix up when the interview occurred. I'm laughing that that actually happened because I know that Wal Mart can get kinda screwy, especially during the holidays. It's almost as if the whole management team is running around with the heads cut off as crazy as it gets. But if you get the job, I really hope you like it because I've enjoyed working there and I always recommend it. It takes a certain type of person so I know it's not for everyone but I hope you enjoy it if you get the job! more
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I've applied at walmart for nightshift electronics, and I had my interview and took a drug test a week ago. They said they would call me to set up orientation when the background check and drug test results came back. I know there is no way I failed the drug test, I've been clean for over a year, and I'm not taking any kind of medications, and I have a perfectly clean record. They did seem a little disorganized when I went for the interview, two other people showed up the same time I did, and they didn't know that any of us where supposed to have an interview that day, and it took two hours before they actually started the interview. So, would it be a good idea to check in on it today? And does it normally take this long to get a background check and drug test results?
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I have no answer but instead a question, how long does walmart keep positive drug test results?

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