How long does nook's battery charge last?

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1 Answer

X When used for reading with the wireless features turned off, your nook's battery lasts about 10 days on a single charge. If you use wireless features and/or play music, you will need to charge the battery after about 2 days of use. • How do I manage sleep mode? X The best way to manage your nook is to let it go to sleep after using it. Your nook will automatically enter sleep mode after a set period of time when there has been no use and no buttons are pressed. You can adjust this amount of time in the Settings area, under Display. You can also put your nook to sleep whenever you want by pressing the power button just for a second or two and then letting go. When in sleep mode, your nook will display one of your screensaver images on the E Ink display and the color touchscreen will be dark (blank). To wake-up your nook from sleep mode, simply press the power button for a second and then let go. You do not need to completely shut-off your nook at the end of the day or after each use. ... more
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