How long does one ounce of HCG diet drops last? Will two ounces of DIY HCG Diet Drops be enough for a full 40 day round?

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One ounce lasts about 14 days on the HCG diet plan. Whether you are going to do the minimum 23 days or the maximum 40 days on the HCG (see Dr. Simeons’ manuscript if you don’t already recognize those numbers), you will want to order at least 2 ounces of HCG diet drops, maybe 3 if you would like the flexibility to increase your dosage slightly, but still go the full 40 days. For most people, 2 ounces of HCG diet drops is enough for their full round. However, some people often decide to increase their dosage at some point during the protocol for several reasons that are outlined in the protocol. These reasons include low energy, and excessive hunger/cravings, etc. If you think you may decide to increase your DIY HCG Diet Drops dosage (for example, if you have done the HCG injections and increased your HCG dosage before the end of the round), you may consider purchasing a three ounce set of HCG drops-- just in case you decide to increase. more
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