How long does sterling silver jewelry last? What are some of its pros and cons?

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3 Answers

The best way to make sure sterling silver will last more than half a year to a year is to store it well. Make sure you place your piece in a well sealed (oxygen tight) container away from the sun. This prevents the sterling silver from oxidizing (and tarnishing). Pros: Silver has a great sheen, looks stunning, cost effective (compared to gold, white gold) and matches a lot of skin types. Cons: It will tarnish. If you don't want tarnishing, try white gold (but it'll cost you!). For more: http://www.stonesandfindings.com/jewelry-making-articles/silver
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SS lasts forever and is never considered costume or junk jewelry! All sterling tarnishes and must be cleaned periodically just as any fine jewelry must be cleaned and cared for. There they are...the pros and cons! Worth your money? I guess you'll never be buying gold if you're questioning the cost of sterling silver! Nothing is worth it unless you like it well enough to buy it. more

nothing last forever! silver also will be oxidized because we all live in the air! there are a few ways to slow down the oxidization.

1) Clean your silver jewelry after you wear it.

2) Prevent your jewelry from salt water, chemical things.

3) put the silver jewelry in a opp bag and seal it, then put it into your jewelry box.

For more information, please visit: www.boxofsilver.com

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