How long does the transfer process take?

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Transfer requests received in good order by AST are routinely processed within 3 to 5 business days. All requests submitted which are not in good order, or which lack information enabling us to process the request will be returned to the sender with a notice advising why AST is unable to complete the transfer. Where can I obtain details and information about my account? You may access your account from our website or you may contact our Shareholder Services Department for details regarding your account. To view your account on-line, you will need both your AST 10 digit numerical account number (which is printed on all mailing that we send) and your Social Security Number to gain Shareholder Account Access. Important Suggestion: Although not required, we suggest that you maintain for your records copies of all documentation submitted. We also recommend that you send your package to us using a delivery method that can be tracked. Such methods include certified or insured mail with ... more
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Worldmark takes 10-12 business days to issue the transfer documents. We must ship it to buyer and seller which can take another 10-12 business days. Once Worldmark receives all the necessary documents, they generally take 10-12 business days to complete a transfer. Q: What fees can I expect from Worldmark Transfers Department? Currently they charge $150.00 transfer fee. Q: Can you take my transfer fee and past dues out from my proceeds? Yes; you simply have to request this in writing. Q: When do I get my check? If sold directly to Timeshare Angels, you will receive your check within 24 hrs. of returning your transfer paperwork to us. If we’re brokering the transaction, the closing company will issue your check 24 hrs. after the transfer is completed at Worldmark. Q: What is my timeshare worth? In reality, a timeshare is only worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay. Trying to come up with an actual value is simply an estimation. One method is a comparative market analysis. This ...
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Again, this varies from force to force and whether or not the force you want to transfer to has vacancies at the time. This is something you need to discuss with the human resources department as they will give you more of an idea. What do I do if the transfer does not work out? If things do not work out then you could always contact your original force and apply to move back. The majority of forces are happy to take people back as they do not want to lose experienced officers. Again, you need to check individual force policy. more
I talked with the people in Atlanta (several months back) and was told there was a very long list of people waiting to be transfered. I was also told you have to be in your current facility one yr before you can request a transfer. The lady also told me that if you have any dr's it can affect your transfer, as in you not getting it. more

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