How long does tramadol hcl 50 mg take to get out of your system?

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1 Answer

I seriously doubt they will check for it. Tramadol is not on a standard drug test, it is not even in more complicated tests. Realistically only the super premium and highly expensive tests would find that. And Tramadol does dissipate quickly. It is possible it could be detected but there will not be a lot left and if it is tested for it could be below the cut off dose. It is also not a controlled substance nor is it particularly addictive so just about any other drug type would be tested before Tramadol. And because it is not a controlled substance it is unlikely she will get into a lot of trouble (certainly not as much if she would test positive for a controlled substance). And if she was prescribed the Tramadol then there should be no problems. I am in a pain management programme for chronic pain and I can be randomly drug tested. The type of test I get is a massive test that costs over $600.00 because they test for at least two dozen individual substances including drugs not ... more
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