How long is salad dressing good for once opened and stored in the fridge?

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How long can foods be stored? * Refrigerated steaks and roasts should be used within three to four days after purchase. * Ground meats, fresh poultry and raw fish should be used within one to two days after purchase. * Milk, cream, cottage cheese and cream cheese are good for a week after opening. * Hard cheeses that are tightly wrapped are good for two to three months. * Eggs are good for three to four weeks. Keep them refrigerated. * Cooked or uncooked vegetables are good in the refrigerator for three to five days. * Berries are only good for about three to five days in the refrigerator before they mold or rot. * Bread, cake and cookies (or anything made from a batter with yeast or wheat) should be used within a week to avoid mold. * Baked goods will last longer (two weeks) if refrigerated. * Deli meats should be used within four days after opening the package. * Leftover meats are good for three to five days. * Leftover chicken, gravy, sauce, chicken or tuna salads and turkey pies ...
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