How long should I expect a hot tub / spa cover to last?

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2 Answers

The life-span of a hot tub / spa cover is dependant upon many different things. How much direct sunlight it gets, how well it's cared for or abused, how extreme weather conditions are and how the chemicals in the spa are dealt with all have an effect on life-span. Generally though, if reasonably cared for a spa cover should last five to eight years. more
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This is one question that I receive from customers quite often. Most of the time a spa cover needs replacement is because the foam inside the cover breaks.  This could be as a result of a person actually trying to walk on it,  or a dog or other animal jumping on it.

The better quality cover you have to longer it will last. You can get a cover for $250 online, but do not count on that lasting more than a year or so.

So my answer is. If you have a inexpensive cover, that will last one of two years. If you purchase a more expensive cover (=higher quality), they that may last you 5-8 years, if you treat it with uv-protection and clean it regularly.


Mats Elmstom


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