How Long Should the Guided Reading Lesson Last with Grades 3-6?

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1 Answer

Timing is personal and dependent upon each of your groups. In general, I try to aim for 10-15 minutes per group. This gives me time to teach a strategy, provide quiet reading while I listen to individuals and assess, and then to conduct a brief discussion of the strategy and how well it worked while they read. Occasionally a group needs more time. If that happens try to be flexible and don't be hard on yourself if you don't get to see all of the groups you had planning to see that day. Take it slow and be prepared for surprises... remember that your job isn't to listen to every word of the text but rather to teach a strategy, assess its use and build the expectation that the students will use the strategy independently across the curriculum. Which Texts to Use? I like to offer a wide range of texts for guided reading. Novels, newspapers, computer manuals, textbooks, articles from National Geographic for Kids, short stories, poems, selections from basals, resources related to content ... more
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