How long will fuel last in tiki torches?

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2 Answers

That depends on the fuel source and how much fuel your tiki torch can hold. Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect: Paraffin oil or citronella: A small tiki torch will generally burn for six hours. Larger models may burn up to sixteen hours. Be sure not to switch oil types without switching wicks. If your tiki torch wick starts with citronella, it stays citronella. Propane: Generally burn longer than their oil cousins. Depending on the size of the fuel source, a propane tiki torch can go for hours on end. Natural gas: Very similar burn times with propane. Natural gas torches hook into your home gas line, meaning your torch can burn until the end of history. For safety, never leave your tiki torches burning unattended, and periodically clean your torches. Is there a difference between bamboo and metal tiki torches? Fundamentally, all torches do the same thing: burn a fuel to make a gorgeous outdoor party accessory. While bamboo tiki torches look authentically Polynesian, a copper ... more
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When you're talking about standard oil-burning tiki torches (not the propane kind), there are a number of variables, including fuel quality and wick size. This blog post answers the question pretty well: http://www.fireflyfuel.com/blog/how-long-will-my-tiki-torch-fuel-last

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