How long will my cat take to recover after being spayed?

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1 Answer

seven months old is still pretty young, so she should recover pretty quickly. When you bring her in, she will be examined by a vet to ensure that she is healthy enough for the procedure, then will be put in a cage until her turn for surgery comes up. She will then be sedated, her belly shaved, a small incision in her lower abdomen will be made, and the vet will fish out her uterus and ovaries and remove them. Depending on how they work, they will most likely put a few stitches in her internal abdomen wall and then glue shut the external one (where you see) the internal stitches will be absorbable, so she should not need to go back to have anything removed. They will wait for her to wake up, then put her back in the cage to see how she does clearing the seditive from her system. Some vets keep female cats overnight to make sure everything is ok, and to keep them quiet. If she does go home that night, she will probably be very sleepy and may or may not want to eat. If she does eat, she ... more
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