How long will one tube of RevitaLash™ last?

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2 Answers

If used like other products on the upper lashes only, one bottle should last up to 6 months. However, RevitaLash™ is safe and recommended for lower lashes as well. If used on both upper and lower lashes as directed, one bottle will last approximately 3-4 months – enough for you to see exciting results and keep those results going for a while.
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Revitalash is good but  I  recommended m to try i Maxolash a few weeks ago and  see a difference. 
Most medications are effective after their expiration dates. Revitalash is expire product . They are not suggested for use due to FDA regulations. If you purchased it recently and it has not been on the physicians lf it should have an expiration date that will last beyond it's use cycle. When purchasing any in the future check the expiration date prior to purchase.
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