How many acres is Lake Keowee?

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18,372 acres. Sorry we can’t be more specific How deep is Lake Keowee? Maximum depth is 155 feet with the average being 54 feet. How much shoreline does the lake have? Approximately 300 miles. What is the total watershed of Keowee? 377 Square Miles. Why is the lake so clear? Lake Keowee is extremely clean and clear due to the watershed of the Jocassee Valley and the Sumter National Forest. Fresh water streams and springs flow from the mountains of North Carolina and the upstate of South Carolina to Lake Jocassee and eventually to Lake Keowee! Is the Lake Keowee area growing? The Lake has become a magnet for tourism, recreation, and many thousands of new residents. Regional population growth rates have increased four fold since the lake was formed in the early 1970’s. What are the average prices of waterfront lots on Lake Keowee? For a nice lot in a nice cove with a gentle slope prices start at $350,000. For great lots with big water views prices start at about $500,000. Point lots ...
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