How many acres per hour can a bulldozer clear?

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1 Answer

it all depends on how big the stumps are how far you have to push them and how much dirt you need to move to fill in low spots my suggestion is that if it's going to be pasture is to take a trackhoe and dig the stump then take another bucket or two of dirt out of the hole turn the stump upside down and cover with the dirt this is much faster than pushing stumps out with a dozer also instead of hiring by the hour get bids for the job then it doesn't matter about the size of the equipment how long it takes or the skill of the operator unless you are doing yard work the bigger the dozer the cheaper it is it will cost more per hour but you will get more work per hour the cost per hour on a D6RXL is $125 per hour 8 hour min. 345B trackhoe is $125 per hour 8 hour min. more
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