How many blades of grass grow from each individual grass seed we sow?

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- Jo Gullickson, Little Canada "One seed sprouts into one blade," according to Willem Dupreez, a turf specialist with Gertens, an Inver Grove Heights nursery. "After four to five mowings, when that seed sprouts a root system, it becomes a clump," said Dupreez. That can take a month or so. The growth spreads underground (called rysome growth) and eventually other blades start to fill in. * How did the handshake get started as a greeting? - Larry Connolly, Mound Historians say the handshake started in England as a way to make sure the person you were greeting didn't have a weapon. Originally we shook hands with our left hands, because weapons were often hidden in the left sleeve. (© MMIX, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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