How many calories burned by swimming 1 mile?

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2 Answers

Let's do the math together. I agree that most pools in America are 25 yards. I have only swam in a meter pool about twice in my life and I have been swimming since I was six. A mile is 5280 feet. 5280 feet divided by 3 (3 feet in a yard) is 1760. You can check this if you want to. Therefore you need to swim 1760 feet to swim a mile. 1760 divided by 25 (the length of a pool) is 70.4. So you need to swim that many lengths to make a mile. Want to round up? it would be 71 lengths but a round number would need to be 72, or 36 laps of a 25 yard pool. This will allow you to swim at least a mile and end up on the same side of the pool. You will actually be swimming an extra 40 yards (1800 instead of 1760). more
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