How Many Calories Burned in Water Aerobics?

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1 Answer

If you undertake any type of exercises, you will burn some amount of calories. The number of calories burnt doing water aerobics will not be dependent on intensity of the workout, but on the depth of the water. On an average, for 10 minutes of water aerobics approximately 80 calories are consumed. On an average, it is seen that 450 to 700 calories are burned in an intense session of water aerobics. The deeper the water, more the number of calories will you burn. In the initial part of a water aerobics class it may seem you are having fun splashing water in the pool, but the muscles work harder, due to the resistance offered by water. The weight of a person is directly proportional to the number of calories burned. More the weight of a person, the more will be the number of calories burned. Let us understand this with a few examples. If a person weighs 130 to 140 lbs, the person will burn approximately 236 calories. If the person weighs 160 lbs the number of water aerobics calories ... more
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