How Many Charms on a Pandora Bracelet?

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Posted on July 20th, 2009 whaleadmin No comments You might be wondering how many charms will actually fit on your Pandora bracelet. For starters, it of course depends on the actual length of your bracelet. They are available in varying lengths, anywhere from 17 cm to 21 cm. The longer bracelets will hold more beads, naturally. Then it also depends on the size of the beads themselves. Beads are not all the same size, some are broader than others. If you have a lot of the thicker beads then less will fit on your bracelet. So, as you can see there’s no quick answer to this question. One thing to note is that you can also space the Pandora beads out on your bracelet. Pandora charm bracelets are in three sections. To get the bead onto the first section, simply screw it on, then slide it over to the next divider. Likewise, if you want one bead in the middle section all you have to do is screw the bead till it gets past the divider and then slide it to wherever like. Using this method you ...
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