How many countries world wide allow women the right to vote?

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1 Answer

There are six locations around the world where women are not allowed to vote. In two of these nations, no one is allowed to vote, because the country does not currently have an electoral system. One of these countries is expected to extend the right to vote to all citizens by 2010, and presumably the vote will also include women. In two of these nations, suffrage is partial: women are technically allowed to vote, but find it difficult in practice. In the remaining two, women's suffrage has not yet been achieved, and may never be. The two nations in which women are not allowed to vote because of the lack of an electoral system are Brunei and the United Arab Emirates. Brunei is a sultanate, and has no elected officials, although government cabinets do advise the Sultan of Brunei. In the United Arab Emirates, changes to the way in which the country is run are beginning to occur: a limited number of citizens cast ballots in 2006, and voting rights are expected to cover all citizens by ... more
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