How many eggs does a female alligator lay?

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Between 20 and 60 eggs depending on her size. The average is 30 to 40. Only one in about 100 baby alligators ever lives to be 3 feet long, however. (Fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, birds, and mammals eat them.) • Are alligators cannibalistic? To some extent, yes. When they begin to compete for the same kinds of foods. (Little alligators eat little things that big alligators ignore.) • Do alligators make any sounds? Several sounds are made by alligators. Young ones make a chirping sound rarely heard in alligators over about 4' long. Larger alligators will hiss when threatened as a warning to leave them alone. Sexually mature alligators bellow (sounds like a chainsaw trying to start.). Both males and females can bellow. The males sound more impressive; the female's sound is more like "snorts" because of their usually smaller size. Bellowing is not necessarily mating-related. • Do alligators really use their tails as weapons? The tails are strong and powerful, but they are that way for ... more
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