How many Exactrix Liquid Direct Injection NH3 systems have been sold?

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1 Answer

About 1.5 million acres worth as near as we can tell. Some systems will apply up to 25,000 acres per year. Other smaller systems will apply 500 acres per year. So the best way to measure the impact of Exactrix is too review the acres applied and then relate the acres to the net dollars. The annual additional net return is between 30 million dollars to 60 million dollars. Yes that is correct 1.5 million acres in Exactrix application is producing up to 60 million dollars of additional revenue every year. Some of those dollars come from savings in the material and some comes in additional yield. You should pay for your Exactrix system in the first year or less. The 30 to 60 million-dollar variation is due to the varying cost of NH3 and the variance in yield generally observed in the western US. Five years of drought in dryland farming means yields have been reduced..But so has risk to the tune of $15 to $25 per acre in NH3 costs. Yields with Exactrix increase about 5% to 10% with single ... more
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