How many facets does a diamond have?

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1 Answer

A. On a brilliant full-cut stone, there are 58 facets; 32 facets plus the table above the girdle and 24 facets plus the culet below the girdle. Some stones with only 18 facets are refered to as "single cuts". Back to top What are the "four C's" relating to diamond quality? The four C's are Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity and Cut of the stone. 1. Carat: The weight of the stone, referred to in points in case of small stones. • 1 carat is 1/5 of a gram or 200 milligrams. • There are 100 points to a carat. • A 75 point stone is .75 carat. "Carats" represent the weight and not the physical size of the stone.Example, 1 carat diamond is physically larger than a 1 carat ruby since ruby is denser than diamond. 2. Colour: Colour is usually undesirable in diamonds. Typically ratings will be alphabetical with the earlier letters of the alphabet having less colour. AGS has a similar 0-10 scale. • D, E and F - "Colourless" • G, H, I & J - "near colourless" • K, L and M - faint yellow or "top ... more
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