How many gallons of water, or HCF, does a typical family use in a month?

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1 Answer

Your usage depends on the number of people in your household and your lifestyle. Refer to the chart below for estimated usage by household size. Household Size Gallons HCF ( hundreds of cubic feet) 1 person 748 to 2,244 1 to 3 2 person 2,992 to 5236 4 to 7 3 person 5,984 to 7,480 8 to 10 4 person 8,228 to 9,724 11 to 13 5 person 10,472 to 11,968 14 to 16 6 person 12,716 to 14,212 17 to 19 Also consider your lifestyle: You will use more water compared to a household with the same number of people if: • You take more showers or baths • You take longer showers or baths • You do outside watering or fill a pool • You do more loads of wash • You do more dishwasher loads • You have more company • Your family includes a teenager or a baby • Your appliances and toilets are older and less efficient • You have not installed low flow shower heads or taken other conservation measures • You have internal plumbing leaks that have not been fixed What uses the most water in a single family home? ... more
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