How many grams of protein per kilogram does a dog need that is in Chronic Renal Failure?

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Hi there. Given your area of expertise, you probably have a good idea of this already, but there are several key points to dietary support of animals with chronic renal disease: * Restricted amounts of a high quality, highly digestible protein source * Adequate energy from non-protein sources (fat & carbs) * Reducing phosphorus- either through restricting dietary phosphorus directly or using phosphorus binders * Fibre to allow intestinal nitrogen trapping The specific protein needs vary with how severe the animal's condition is, so you'll need to work out a diet for the dog in conjunction with the latest blood results. A moderate protein diet is appropriate for animals with a moderate azotaemia (BUN 28mmol/L), protein may need to be restricted to about 10% of the diet, or about 1.8g protein/kg/day. High quality protein sources are things like eggs and lean meat. You want to avoid more
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