How many Midwestern states offer bounties for certain animals? Which animals are included?

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1 Answer

According to the Animal Protection Institute, five states in the region authorize the payment of bounties Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This year, the Indiana General Assembly considered a proposal to put a $5 bounty on coyotes, but the legislation did not pass. Arkansas offers the nations highest reward specified in state law, $15 for adult wolves, while the lowest is in Michigan, 10 cents for rats and between 2 and 10 cents for certain birds. Many states simply authorize counties or municipalities to offer bounties for certain animals, leaving it to the local governments to set the amount of the reward. Minnesota allows bounties to be paid for certain gophers, ground squirrels and woodchucks; North Dakota authorizes rewards for gophers, rabbits and crows; and Wisconsin permits bounties to be paid for certain gophers, rats, moles, red or gray foxes, wildcats and weasels. In the Midwest, only Michigan and South Dakota specify the amount of the bounty ...
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