How many miles per gallon do Mopeds get?

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1 Answer

MOPED: A gas-motorized bicycle with operable pedals that allow for non- motorized propulsion. (It may have no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy.) Has an automatic transmission and a motor that produces less than two "gross brake" horsepower. Not able to go more than 30 mph on flat ground. Only one maker (Tomos, based in Slovenia) currently manufactures mopeds that meet the EPA's requirements for sale in the United States. SOME RULES OF THE MOPED ROAD: Driver must have at least an M2 license for two-wheel vehicles (or an M1). If you're under 21, you must take a three-week motorcycle-safety class to get it. Must have a special identification plate, ID card and insurance. A title isn't issued, and annual renewal is not required. Not allowed on freeways and may be ridden in bike lanes. Drivers must wear bicycle helmets. PRICE: A new Tomos costs around $1,100 to $1,700. The used market is active and prices can easily be less than $1,000. more
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