How many people are killed by guns each year ?

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None.People are killed by other people who USED a gun.How many people were beaten to death last year,knifed to death,etc.Guns do not kill people,people kill people.Please do not blame our races penchant for violence and killing on guns. more
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In France...255. In Canada...165. In the United Kingdom...68. In Australia...65. In the United States...11,127," says Moore in his documentary. But is the problem the number of guns in America? Moore thought so, until he went to Canada, and found they've got lots of guns, too. But, for some reason, they don't lock their doors. So what is it that makes Americans shoot each other so often? Moore ties America's penchant for gun violence to fear - our fear of each other and of the world. "I think we have, like, a shared mental illness. A collective mental illness, when it comes to how we view the world. And we're afraid of the other, you know, the people that are out there," says Moore. The fact that Americans are afraid of the rest of the world may have seemed totally irrational up until 9/11. But it doesn't seem quite so irrational anymore. Moore, however, disagrees: "Three thousand Americans were killed. There's 290 million Americans. All right? The chance of any of us dying in a ...
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