How many people die from marijuana each year?

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0 people in recorded history have ever died of marijuana use alone. Lung diseases that arise from the inhaling of carcinogens created by the combustion of organic material may have caused some. But that is not because of marijuana alone. THC is one of the safest chemicals known to man. 70 people or so a year die while high, but that doesn't mean that marijuana had any impact at all over why they died. Some people go to the emergency room because they are having a panic attack and the people they are with are too stupid to recognize this and took them to the emergency room. A panic attack is no need to go to the emergency room. There are plenty of things to do to calm them down. YOU CAN NOT OVERDOSE ON THC REALISTICALLY. IT IS THE SAFEST CHEMICAL KNOWN TO MAN. YOU WOULD HAVE TO SMOKE 5 POUNDS OF IT IN 50 MINUTES TO DIE. YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER. I'm sorry, I'm not going to lie to you about it for an anti-drug paper and nobody else should either. Put the ... more
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The astounding and quite funny thing about marijuana's illegality is that it has caused less deaths in the entire history of its usage than tobacco and alcohol each cause, respectively, annually. In fact, according to scientific investigation, marijuana is directly responsible for 0 deaths since the commence of its usage. In a poll involving several doctors, the vast majority agreed on the fact that marijuana is less addictive than caffeine, yet a restriction on that would be absurd. An overdose on marijuana is virtually impossible: the ratio for the amount of alcohol it takes to be intoxicated to the amount required for overdose is 4 : 1; The ratio of the same for marijuana is 400 : 1. Marijuana, if consumed in any way besides smoking, such as: eating (in pastries, usually), vaporizing, drinking (tea), is completely benign and in no way, shape, or form detrimental to one's health. The fact of the matter is that marijuana is not a dangerous substance, on the contrary, it is one of the safest of earth's products. 

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