How many people gamble in the United States?

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1 Answer

Overall, 86 percent of Americans report having gambled at least once during their lives.1 Approximately one third of the population consists of non-bettors (have not gambled in the past 12 months). About 46 percent of legal-aged adults gamble in casinos: seven in 10 also gamble in other formats. More frequent gamblers who visit casinos once or twice per week represent 17 percent of the population, while 21 percent of the population chooses other forms of gambling.2 Of people who gamble, the most money is lost at commercial casinos (represents 36 percent of all gambling revenues). Indian casinos and state-run lotteries tie for second place, each representing about 26 percent of all gambling revenues. Commercial, Indian and lottery revenues, combined, represent approximately 88 percent of all U.S. gambling revenues. [See Indian Gambling Fact Sheet for sources and more information. more
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