How many people have been killed in Australia this year by saltwater crocodile attacks?"

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Fatal Australian Crocodile Attacks 2002: a 23 year old German tourist is taken in Kakadu National Park when swimming in a billabong at night time. Don't swim in still and deep waters, don't swim in unknown waters, be particularly careful at night time. The waterhole was known to be crocodile infested... 2003: a 22 year old Northern Territory man is taken after wading too far into the Finniss River near Darwin. He and his friends knew very well about the risk of crocodile attacks. Stay away from the water's edge! 2005: 3 fatal crocodile attacks occurred in 2005. A man is grabbed by his arm and pulled from his canoe in northern Queensland. Apparently he had been strongly advised against canoeing... The other two crocodile attacks occurred within a week of each other, both in the ocean waters of the Northern Territory coast. In both cases the victims were diving/snorkelling. Update July 2006: And it doesn't stop. An eight year old girl is taken at the Blythe River in the Northern ... more
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Saltwater crocodile attacks DO happen in Australia on a regular basis (though mostly to pets and livestock, not humans). Any stories you hear about these creatures stalking other animals and humans, about their size and their strength, are probably NOT exaggerated. Please follow these guidelines when travelling across northern Australia. more
'The bizarre thing was that they thought initially the passenger was dead as he was buried in sand,' Ian Badham, director of the CareFlight helicopter rescue service, told ABC radio. 'It turned out that the pilot had realised it might take rescue services until daylight to actually get there. He was really concerned that his passenger, who was very, very badly injured, might develop hypothermia.' He said the passenger was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital suffering chest and arm injuries, while the pilot had only minor injuries but was suffering from severe shock. Two people have been killed in Australia this year in attacks by saltwater crocodiles, which can grow up to seven metres long and weigh more than a tonne. more

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