How many piglets are usually in one litter?

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A female pig will have her first litter of piglets when she is about one year old. The sow is pregnant for about 4 months, and usually a sow will give birth to around 8 to 12 pigs at a time. A sow can have 2 litters each year. That means that a mother pig can give birth to over 20 piglets each year! Q: What are the 8 major swine breeds? A: * Yorkshire (also called Large White) * Duroc * Hampshire * Landrace * Berkshire * Spotted * Chester White * Poland China. Most market hogs are crossbreeds of two or more of these main purebred stock to take advantage of different characteristics. Q: Do you have a chart that shows the parts of a pig and where the different cuts of pork come from? A: A cut chart can be found on at http://www.otherwhitemeat.com/aspx/all_about_pork/chops.aspx Q: Where does the name "Boston Butt" come from, especially considering that the cut comes from the shoulder of the animal? A: In pre-revolutionary New England and into the Revolutionary War, some pork cuts (not ... more
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