How many pounds of nuts can a pecan tree bear?

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1 Answer

Pecan yields are impossible to predict consistently, because insect and diseases can drastically reduce the crop in some years. Pecan trees are alternate bearing, and do not generally produce heavy crops in two consecutive years. A year of high volume production might be followed by a year of little or no production. The climate of Alabama during pecan growing season is highly variable and may strongly affect yields positively or negatively over a two year period. Hurricanes, for example, are capable of causing crop loss and leaf loss, which also reduces the following year's crop. Commercial growers in Alabama generally agree that production of 1,000 lbs. per acre is considered good. This translates to production of approximately 50 lbs. per tree for a medium aged tree (15 years of age and up). A single older, mature tree is capable of producing 100-200 lbs. of pecans or more in one season, if sunlight is not limiting, fertility is good, and pest problems are controlled. Keys to ...
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