How many pounds of what cuts would be in a quarter beef?

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• Do I need a freezer? • When will the beef be ready? • How much or how little beef can I order and how much will it cost? • Sign me up for some beef! How do I pay? • Where do I pick it up? What makes Greener Pastures Beef so special? Greener Pastures Beef offers you delicious natural beef thats safe and healthy. Our beef has no added hormones and is animal by-product and antibiotic-free. All of our cattle are raised on pasture and not confined in feed lots. In addition, we offer pick-up, delivery and shipping so that you know youre getting the freshest, natural beef possible. When it comes to choosing your best alternative to conventionally raised meat, there's only one choice... Greener Pastures Beef! Why should I eat beef? Not only does it taste good, beef is also a great way to fuel your body. In the American diet, beef is the number one contributor of protein, zinc and vitamin B12, number two of vitamin B6, and number three of iron and niacin. By supplying a nutrient bundle in ... more
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