How many products can ClickBank sell for me through one account?


ClickBank can sell up to 500 different products per vendor, per account. To sell multiple products, you simply need to list a Thank You Page in your account for each product. Be sure to use a corresponding ITEM number in each payment link. Here is an example: If you are a new vendor with the nickname, “vendor” and you have three ebooks that you would like ClickBank to sell, you would need to set up the following payment links on your Pitch Page(s) for each of your products: To complete the process, you would: • Log in to your ClickBank account. Select the “Account Settings” tab, and then select “My Products”. • Select the “Standard Products” tab or the “Recurring Billing Products” tab depending on which type of product you are adding. • Click the “Add new product” button. • Enter the Thank You Page URL, the item number, and the suggested retail price for your first product in the box.

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