How many protons and neutrons does hydrogen have?

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1 Answer

1 proton 1 electron 0 neutrons • How was hydrogen named? Hydrogen was named by Antoine Lavoisier in 1783. A Frenchman, he called it hydrogene, naming it after the Greek words hydor and gennan (or geinomai) roughly translated as water generating or water forming. • What is the difference between HYDROGEN and HYDROZINE? Hydrogen is the most basic element in the universe, consisting of only one proton and one electron. Its chemical symbol is H. When combined with oxygen, it produces water. Hydrazine (N2H4) is commonly used as a liquid rocket fuel. Allis-Chalmers developed a fuel cell in 1964 using hydrazine-oxygen for a one-man submarine tested by the Electric Boat Company. According to NASA, hydrazine is costly, corrosive and hazardous. NASA currently uses hydrazine in the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of the space shuttle. However, due to its toxicity, it is scheduled to be replaced by a better battery system. Other fuel cells on the space shuttle use pure hydrogen. • There are many news ... more
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