How many state capitals have changed their location from their original city in the United States?

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1 Answer

Counting only from when a state was admitted to the Union the following states have moved their capital city: Alabama: admitted as a state in 1819 with capital in Huntsville. Capital was moved to Cahawba in 1820, Tuscaloosa in 1826, and Montgomery in 1846. California: admitted as a state in 1850 with capital in San Jose. Capital was moved to Vallejo in 1852, Benicia in 1853, and Sacramento in 1854. Connecticut: admitted as a state in 1776 with joint capitals in New Haven and Hartford. Hartford became the sole capital in 1875 Delaware: admitted as a state in 1776 with capital in New-Castle. Capital was moved to Dover in 1777. Georgia: admitted as a state in 1776 with capital in Savannah. Capital was moved to Augusta in 1778, Heard's Fort in 1780, Augusta in 1781, Savannah in 1782, Ebenezer in 1782, Savannah in 1784, Augusta in 1786, Louisville in 1796, Milledgeville in 1807, Macon in 1864, Milledgeville in 1865, and Atlanta in 1868. Illinois: admitted as a state in 1818 with capital ...
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