How Many Sweets In The Candy Jar?

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1 Answer

Count The Candy / How Many Sweets In The Jar is a really easy addition to any fundraising event. Its often used at fetes and fairs but is also easily incorporated into any other fundraising activities. A large jar is filled with a carefully counted number of sweets. People then try to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Guesses are recorded on a sheet of paper numbered off so that no-one chooses the same number as a previous guess. At the end of the event the nearest guesser wins either the jar itself or another prize. This fundraiser is so simple and easy to do, but, can bring in a nice amount of money. It is also easy for children to take part in or organize. The important thing is to ensure that the jar looks attractive. Colourful sweets that won't melt should be used. The jar can be decorated with a nice ribbon etc As long as the cost of the jar and sweets are covered everything after that is money raised. Using things other than sweets You dont have to restrict your self to ...
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