how many times has Tiger Woods won The Masters?

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The answer, four. And to push it even further, it was 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005. Only Jack Nicklaus has won more with six. The U.S. team has clinched victory in golf's prestigious President's Cup again dominating today's final matches. World number one, Tiger Woods, played on the U.S. team. Woods has brought a lot of excitement to the greens for a decade now, but his presence hasn't yet necessarily clinched other black golfers in the pro tour. Here's Terry Baddoo with some answers why. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) TERRY BADDOO, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This is the face of golf in the 21st century. Since winning his first major at '97 masters, Tiger Woods has become the most dominant force in the game. With 13 majors in ten years, he lags just five behind the all- time record of the legendary Jack Nicklaus and has amassed more than $85 million in prize money. Nicklaus has had $95 million in prize money. And add to that, endorsements and you have a man of iconic status in the game. ... more
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