How many Valence Electrons are in Each Group On the Periodic Table?

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1 Answer

Valence Electrons are electrons that are in the outermost shell...so group 1 (starting with Hydrogen and going down) have 1 valence electron, group 2 has 2 valence electrons, then you would skip the transition metals because those vary, and you would go to group 5 (Boron going down) and that would have 5 valence electrons, group 6 have 6 valence electrons and so on. Generally, as you go up and down a column, the number of valence electrons stays the same. And as you go left to right on the periodic table, the number of valence electrons increases. Group 1 would be the element H going down Group 2 would be Be going down you would skip the transition metals.... Group 3 would be B going down Group 4 would be C going down Group 5 would be N going down Group 6 would be O going down Group 7 would be F going down Group 8 would be He going down (Helium is an exception because it only has 2 valence electrons) Notice that hydrogen has 1 valence electron, and oxygen has 6 valence electrons. more
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