How many wolf pups are born in an average wolf litter?

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1 Answer

In Alaska, litter size averages 5-7 pups. In the high Arctic, fewer pups are born as a result of the more scare food sources. Q: Do wolves ever eat garbage or scavenge like bears? A: Wolves are opportunistic in the respect that they seek out easy meals. Although wolves hunt moose, caribou and other mammals, hunting forays are not always successful and wolves will scavenge old carcasses, and pursue garbage if they live in areas where humans and wolves overlap. This is particularly true in places like Poland and Italy. As we saw earlier this year in Anchorage and Fairbanks, when snow is low and moose are hard to catch, wolves may try to get animals like dogs and chickens to survive. Q: How fast do wolves run on average? A: Wolves can effortlessly move at 6 miles per hour for many miles per day (adult humans walk at about 3-4 mph). Their top speed is somewhere around 15 to 20 mph. Q: What is the estimated population of gray wolves in the Southcentral region? A: We do not know for ... more
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