How Much Are Handmade Quilts Worth?

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Determining value is a combination of craftsmanship, age, uniqueness and overall appearance. It's also when the latest work was completed on the quilt. Those vintage quilt pieces that you finally make into quilts will date the quilt from when you finish it, not from the date of the original pieces. Valuing Quilts for Insurance The easiest way to value handmade quilts for insurance coverage is to keep receipts of what you paid. If the handmade quilts are family heirlooms, try to find similar handmade quilts for sale on online auction sites to determine a possible comparable value. There are also appraisers who specialize in valuing handmade quilts. Make sure they are honest, experienced and recommended. It's also a good idea to take photos of your vintage and handmade quilts and keep photos in a safe deposit box with whatever other information you have on the quilts: who made it, when, where, how you got it such as through purchase, gift, etc. It's also helpful to have the name of the ... more
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