How much are my Ball, Atlas, Kerr or Mason jars worth?

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Well, the Ball, Kerr or Atlas jars tend to be fairly common. However, some jars can be worth more depending on the actual embossing. (Especially dealing with Ball jars.) Jars with unusually bright colors are worth more. These were generally made at the end of a run and contain sediments and chemicals that color the glass. Amber colored jars tend to be worth more than clear or aqua jars, but this is not a hard and fast rule either. If the jars are "Ball Perfect Masons" or "Ball Ideals" and blue in color they are probably worth in the neighborhood of $5 ea. This will be true of many (but not all) of the old blue or aqua colored Ball jars. If they are clear they will probably be worth $1-2 each. There are some odd and different Ball jars that are worth more including any misspellings of "Perfect" you find. The old original Ball jars from Buffalo, New York are very collectible. Its kinda hard to judge without seeing what you have or without further information. It's noteworthy that the ... more
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