How much bud does a marijuana plant produce?

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1 Answer

Thats A Loaded Question, Lol . . . A Marijuana Plant Can Produce Anything From A Few Grams To Pounds . . . It Depends On How Long You Allow Your Plant To Grow . . . Obviously A Month And Two Wks Is A Pretty Standard Time Frame For Some People I Know, But As Long As Your Plant Has Reached Sexual Maturity, Then You Can Start Flowering The Plant, In Which The Light Cycle Is Adjusted From Either Its 24hr On Cycle Or Its 18/6 Cycle (18 hrs light, 6 hrs dark), To A 12/12 Cycle . . . The Plant Will Begin To Flower And Produce " Bud " . . . The Longer The Plant Is Left To Flower ANd Fill Out, The More " Bud " You Will Get . . . The Easiest Way To Ensure A Good Harvest Is To Let The Plant Grow Until Its At Least 1ft-2ft, Then Flower It Until It Stretches And Fills With " Bud " . . . 1 Plant Grown This Way Can Yield At Least An Ounce And Then Some . . . 1 ounce = About 30-34 Grams ! Happy Growing ! more
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