How much did the common Wehrmacht soldier know about the atrocities of WWII?

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I’m a filmmaker and I’m really interested in doing a film about two common Wehrmacht soldiers temporarily stationed in Austria, just after the ‘invasion’ of 1938. Now, I know that there weren’t many (large scale) atrocities up to this point – the war hadn’t even begun, but I want to know how much the common soldier (a career soldier – joined before the Nazi days) knew about Hitler’s ideas to eliminate the Jewish (and other) race(s). I want to explore the thoughts and feelings of a common career soldier and the impending war that might come. Did the common soldier know that there would be killing of civilians? Did they know that there would be extermination and death camps? What was the average German person’s view of the Jewish person at the time? PS: I kinda know the answers to some of these questions, I would just really like some of you to feedback some of your own opinions and thoughts. There has been a very strong anti-Jew propaganda in Germany from the early 1930s. Historically ... more
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