How much dill weed or dill seed does it take to equal a bunch of fresh dill?

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CR Probably about a half cup of dried dill weed would equal a bunch of fresh dill. Dill seed is more pungent than the feathery leaves so perhaps a quarter cup would do but I wouldn't really recommend trading out the seed for the fresh leaves. And depending on what you are making, you might not even want to use dried for fresh. Generally, when a recipe calls for that much of a fresh herb, it is playing a major role so you wouldn't get the same results with the dried version. Could you make a pesto with lemon balm? I guess I mean would it be safe to eat if you made one? Thanks AK Lemon balm is certainly safe to eat, as long as you know it was grown without chemicals. It is, however, a powerful flavor. You would probably want to use a good bit of parsley along with it for pesto. Have you seen the articles "All About Lemon Balm" and "Endless Pesto Possibilities?" There seems to be so many different kinds of salt. From Kosher to Table to Sea and so forth. What are the best applications ... more
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