How much do jiffy lube employees make?

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1 Answer

Jiffy Lube was my first job in the automotive world. THEY SUCK. JL employees make about 25 cents over minimum wage. Sales people (customer service advisor) can make a little more, but that will depend on how many poor quality services you can sell to ignorant customers. You may be a good employee, but there's a good chance your co-workers will not. I worked with drug addicts and thieves. more cars were damaged than were serviced properly. I quit the day a coworker nodding on Oxycontin started a car while I was replacing the fuel filter. I can't count the number of times I almost lost a hand due to negligence of coworkers. At Jiffy Lube you have layer upon layer of management all dependent on the work you do as a technician. management will screw you over to make themselves look good. Many of the people in the chain of managment have no automotive knowledge whatsoever. assistant managers jobs depend on their sales numbers. I had several who would rip off customers just to get their ... more
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